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From August to December the lamb is available whole or halved and bagged into usable cuts.  You are given choices about how you would like it butchered.  I bring it fresh to your door from my local butcher in Ringmer.  It will fill 1 and a half to 2 freezer drawers.


I also keep some lambs until they are at least 14 months old.  This Hogget is about a third bigger than the lamb and has a richer, deeper flavour.  It is available from July.  Delivery is free within 10 miles of my butchers in Ringmer.




If you are interested in ordering lamb or hogget from me then

please call me on 07711317559 or email at

A whole lamb box contains:


2 legs (whole or halved)

2 shoulders (whole or halved)

2 breasts, minced or rolled

Cutlet chops or Rack of Lamb

Loin chops

Chump chops

Neck as fillet or scrag


Heart and liver optional


If you would like something different I will request it from my butcher (extra charge depending on the cut)


HALF LAMB  -  £90

Weight aprox. 7 Kg


WHOLE LAMB  - £170


HOGGET IS £9.50 kg

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